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middle-senior School

  • Open and inclusive spaces that reflect openness to learning.
  • Enduring respect for children as thinkers and explorers.
  • Structures and processes ‘led’ by children, experiential education, collaborative work and skilful feedback.
  • Choices with a purpose that define children as individuals far more than their abilities.

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Middle and Senior School

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The senior school curriculum is designed to facilitate enquiry, research and rigorous study such that young people can connect with increasingly complex constructs with an enduring interest. Theme based curriculum approach continues in the middle classes with project work spread out over longer periods of time and across discipline areas such as science, languages, arts, social science and mathematics. Through project work, children are encouraged to make fundamental connections with the processes of enquiry. Project presentations are often put together as exhibitions and models that are shared with different classes. In the middle school, specific processes are also integrated with the curriculum to help children take the impending unit assessments and examinations with confidence. Children in Class VI are introduced to unit assessments; in Class VII children take unit assessments and end-of-year examinations; Class VIII onwards children take unit assessments, term and end-of-year examinations.