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  • Open and inclusive spaces that reflect openness to learning.
  • Enduring respect for children as thinkers and explorers.
  • Structures and processes ‘led’ by children, experiential education, collaborative work and skilful feedback.
  • Choices with a purpose that define children as individuals far more than their abilities.
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General Questions


+ Q. Why do we have names for our classes?
+Q. How are the parents involved in the child’s development?
+Q. How does Shikshantar ensure safety and hygiene of its students?
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A. The safety and wellbeing of each and every child at Shikshantar is of utmost importance to the entire school team. Observation rounds are taken by Coordinators, Supervisors and respective School Heads at each level (pre-primary, primary, middle and senior) every day.Safety and hygiene measures include the following:General:
• Children at the main gate as well as in the group are received and welcomed by Supervisors /Coordinators /Teachers
• Security guards are stationed at designated places across the entire school campus.
• Security guards monitor the entry and exit of visitors and parents who walk in for enquiry/ birthday celebrations/ early pick up
• Parent/guardian of any child who has to leave the school campus before dispersal time needs to furnish a gate pass signed by supervisor of the respective block
• At ‘dispersal time’, parent is allowed to take the child only after showing of pick-up card to the security guard.
• Dispersal–coordinator/ Supervisor stationed at main gate to ensure safety regulations are being followed by teachers and children.
• All team members are guided to be vigilant and look out for any strangers or unfamiliar faces in the school premises.
• Housekeeping staff stationed in designated areas and discouraged from loitering elsewhere on campus
• In house training programme for housekeeping & other staff
• Sharing guidelines with the school team to ensure personal dignity and wellbeing of each child.
• Children with special needs move around the school premises supervised at all times.
• Regular maintenance of fire extinguishers.
• Ongoing training sessions for all security and other auxiliary staff members.
• Continuous monitoring of the cleanliness of the school surroundings.
• Evacuation drill and fire drills conducted twice in the school year.
• Fumigation and sanitization of surroundings is done on regular basis.
• Antecedents of all Auxiliary staff verified.
• CCTVs have been installed in the entire School campus for strict vigilance.Transport:
• Bus children are always accompanied by teachers and dropped to their respective bus routes
• A responsible adult (teacher, parent or school representative) is present on each bus route.Toilets:
• For pre-primary children – helper didis accompany children for toilet visits
• We have only female housekeeping staff stationed to clean the toilets in Preprimary and primary school.
• Housekeeping staff not to enter the washrooms when children are inside.
• Regular check & supervision of campus cleanliness, horticulture & toilets


Health room:
• Trained nurses in all three blocks of the school.
• Sensitively orienting children, teachers and parents whenever there is an outbreak of a disease or illness ( Such as measles, chicken-pox, dengue)

Medical collaboration:
• Annual Health checkup for Annual Health checkup for all children by child specialist from Max Hospital in below lines.
• Tie up with Max Hospital in below lines to handle medical emergencies.
• First aid training for teachers and administrative staff, conducted by Max Hospital in below lines.

Lunch room:
• Regular sampling of the school lunch and surprise visit to the caterer’s kitchen to ensure food quality
• Dedicated housekeeping staff to maintain hygiene standards in the lunch room
• PTA members encouraged to visit the lunch room without prior intimation