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  • Open and inclusive spaces that reflect openness to learning.
  • Enduring respect for children as thinkers and explorers.
  • Structures and processes ‘led’ by children, experiential education, collaborative work and skilful feedback.
  • Choices with a purpose that define children as individuals far more than their abilities.
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Q) Is there any change to the Registration process?

 A) Shikshantar has had an “online Registration process” for the last 10 years and we will continue with the same process. 

Q) How will we come to know about the registration dates? 

A) We will announce our registration dates through advertisements in both the ‘Times of India’ and ‘The Hindustan Times’ in August 2022.  Alternatively, you can check out our website or Shikshantar Facebook page.

Q) Before beginning the registration process, can I visit the school Campus? 

A) For prospective parents, we are organizing “Vanar Years (Pre primary) - A virtual walkthrough of the school spaces and Q & A session” along with our School Senior Team members in July 22.
This session will give you a glimpse of the Shikshantar Preprimary campus, its spaces, and how these spaces lend to the learning of children. The Q & A session will give you an opportunity to understand the school Philosophy, some of its key practices, Administrative processes, and Admission process.  

Q) How do we register for “Vanar Years (Pre primary) - A virtual walkthrough of the school spaces and Q & A session”?

A) Please click on the ‘Registration link’ available on the home page of our school website. You can select the available slot and register yourself for the ‘Vanar Years - An online walkthrough of our spaces and Q & A session'

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