• Open and inclusive spaces that reflect openness to learning.
  • Enduring respect for children as thinkers and explorers.
  • Structures and processes ‘led’ by children, experiential education, collaborative work and skilful feedback.
  • Choices with a purpose that define children as individuals far more than their abilities.
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Visual & Performing Arts

Srija (Art)
The world of colours opens up for a child in Srija. He gives form to his imagination by working with his hands using a whole array of art material. Paints, clay, recycled material, different kinds of papers when explored through different techniques helps evolve his creative self.

Tarana ( Music)
Music and songs help every child connect to his inner self and find calm within. They develop a sense of rhythm as well as an understanding of beats. Exploring different musical instruments and their sounds is their first step to creating instruments themselves

Nachiketa (Library)
Stories, role plays and dramatisations, in fact, a whole world of literary experiences gets initiated in Nachiketa. When the children visit the library, read and listen to stories, they are drawn into the world of imagination and seek expression through the visual and creative arts.