• Open and inclusive spaces that reflect openness to learning.
  • Enduring respect for children as thinkers and explorers.
  • Structures and processes ‘led’ by children, experiential education, collaborative work and skilful feedback.
  • Choices with a purpose that define children as individuals far more than their abilities.
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Inclusion/ Special Needs/ Vishvas

Shikshantar facilitates, in spirit and action, an inclusive environment for all children with varying abilities and from different socio-economic backgrounds. Inclusion is a moral and social responsibility about accepting and valuing diversity.

Inclusion in Shikshantar is guided by philosophical, sociological as well as educational perspectives. The school facilitates a curriculum that addresses developmental requirements of children identified with special needs.

Inclusive education is made real and sustainable through sensitisation of students, parents and teachers about social justice and equity for all. In a culture that encourages collaborative learning and questioning of social practices, peer learning emerges as the most reliable experience for all children, with or without special needs.

Parent interactions include thematic workshops and dialogue on parents’ experiences towards enabling inclusion in home spaces, children’s play areas and in society in general.

Since children from diverse backgrounds bond with each other from the Nursery level, they develop interests together and discover the nuanced meaning of social acceptance. Integration and inclusion as practiced in Shikshantar has the power to alter barriers inherited by society and to create new hope for children and families.

Shikshantar Vishvas Special Education Policy