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  • Open and inclusive spaces that reflect openness to learning.
  • Enduring respect for children as thinkers and explorers.
  • Structures and processes ‘led’ by children, experiential education, collaborative work and skilful feedback.
  • Choices with a purpose that define children as individuals far more than their abilities.
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Shikshantar Recommends

Online Courses from The Gnostic Centre

The Gnostic Centre (Delhi) is a learning community engaged in deepening and widening of the human consciousness at all levels, impacting one’s nature, attitudes and actions.

Since its inception in 1996, the Centre has done path-breaking work in the field of Education, Parenting, Self-development, etc. It has worked with several educational institutions (schools and colleges), trained teachers, provided support to parents and professionals, and also to students.

Besides its onsite courses and retreats, the Centre offers several online courses that facilitate individual self-paced growth. The structure allows the learner to engage with the courses as per her/his needs and time. The courses are unique as they balance deep insights and concepts with psychological attitudes and practice. They help the learner to bridge the outer learning with inner self-knowledge.

The Centre derives its inspiration and guidelines from the Integral Yoga philosophy of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

ONLINE COURSES from The Gnostic Centre

In September:

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In December:

  • Reflections on Death & Beyond (under preparation)

All year round:

In 2020:

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