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Glimpses of events at Shikshantar

Our children enjoy every moment of their time at Shikshantar. They are creative, observant and confident with an innate love of learning that shows in everything they do. From playing in Vanar Vatika to painting walls; from dance and theatre to music and singing; from conducting experiments in their well-equipped labs to splashing in the rain; from project work to displaying their skills at various sports... every day the children explore an ever-expanding world.
Gurgaon District Semifinal and Final Badminton tournament

Season of celebrations


Advent of monsoons, fresh droplets of water falling on the Champa tree leaves and spirits of our children at Shikshantar getting drenched in the colours of festival celebrations! Rakhi, Janmashtami, Independence Day and Eid were celebrated with a lot of warmth and happiness. Children experience various cultures through relating to the essence of each and every festival. Themes, stories, circle time discussions, songs and role plays help children build beautiful connections with festivals.
Study tour with 'Itihass'

  • Children of class V explored the theme- 'Story of India - The Mughal Empire'. Stories, role plays and research helped children make enduring connections with the Qutab Complex.
  • The Qutub complex tour was organised with Itihaas, an organization that facilitates Heritage Education at school level.
  • The programme engaged children through games, riddles, stories, songs, questions and answers.
Out Station Trips

SUPW programme at Camp Shaama, Ranikhet -Classes IX -XII

Collecting material for construction of 'kachcha' road

Construction of the 'kachcha' road
A group of 30 children from Classes IX to XII worked for four days to build a 'kachcha' road measuring nearly 325 meter.
Muhammad Ali Center Peace Garden Project by YUM

'Planting the Seeds of Multicultural Respect, Nutrition and Hunger Relief'
Sports Day
Outdoors is an integral part of the curriculum at Shikshantar. Everyday, children explore a variety of physical activities and games in school. These activities not only enhance their physical abilities but also develop a love for outdoors in the children. It inculcates in them a sense of team spirit and bonding.
Children of Pre-Primary, Primary and Senior School, all eagerly await the arrival of their Sports Day to share their experiences with their parents. Parents also explore and participate actively in the games and races set up for them amidst enthusiastic cheering by the children. The collective energy of the children, their parents and facilitators add up to an energetic and fun filled Sports Day celebration.
Hamara Manch
Colourful pillars standing tall at the entrance, spinning windmills strung together across the corridors and the lively backdrops were a reflection of children's involvement and participation at every step. Dance, music and drama presentations evolved from the experiences related to themes, stories and project activities taken up in the groups.
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