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Subjects Offered

In primary years, students are introduced to all subjects, academic and non-academic. As they grow older, they are encouraged to choose –  between theatre and dance, vocals or guitar, badminton or cricket, Sanskrit or German…

In Classes IX and XI, they select the subjects in which they would appear for their ICSE and ISC board examinations. Details of the subjects offered can be found on the Middle and Senior School sub-site. Portal for the same is at the top right of your screen.

Primary School celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Dusshera together with an essence of balancing the outer and inner self.

Children of Classes III and IV created experiential corners and facilitated them . They guided others through the experiences such as ‘keeping our surrounding clean’, ‘doing our own work’, ‘there is no I in a team’, ‘My walking stick is…’ ,’ importance of salt’ and different emotions. A dance presentation resonated with the theme ‘Emotions within us



Hamara Manch, Apna Manch, Shikshantar ka Manch

“Hamara Manch, Apna Manch, Shikshantar ka Manch.” The mound in Primary School has always been a space which changes from a play area to reading spot ; an example for landform to an area where children share their experiences. On 14th and 15th December 2018, this space was adorned by musical and theatrical presentations. This year, Hamara Manch was a concoction of pattern formations through creative movements and music, dash of humour and acts that evoked the connect with nature. Role plays and creative expressions were inter-weaved with innovative anchoring styles such as ‘Dastangoi’, ‘ Radio Shikshantar’, ‘Hamara Manch through the lens of other living beings’ or ‘Madari ka khel’.