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Structure of the Day

The day for the Middle and Senior School children begins with a circle time within the groups. Children, along with their group facilitators, collect their energies during the circle time. Circle time is when students discuss group issues, debate on current affairs, share anecdotes and partake in read-aloud sessions of age appropriate literature. Thus, the tone for the day is set. This is followed by a project activity related to the theme taken up during the week. Children have their tiffin in the groups during Tiffin Time. The Outdoor Time, scheduled everyday till Middle School and twice a week in Senior School, provides an opportunity to explore a variety of age relevant outdoor experiences. During the day, children build their relationships with languages, math and sciences. They go through creative experiences like dance/music/art/theatre. Lunch is provided to children in the school dining hall. The day for the children comes to an end with a sharing time within the groups, where children share their experiences and reflect on the day.