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Sports and outdoor activity continue to be of supreme importance in Middle and Senior School. Emphasis is laid on developing individual and group level skills. Students are guided to develop excellence in performance in team sports and to find individual levels of improved skills, physical and mental strengths. Students are placed in Beginners’, Intermediate and Advanced levels in a specific sport for one semester at a time (on a half yearly basis). In the second half of the year, students choose another sport based on their level of performance and interest.
The purpose of placing students in these groups is to help them recognize their abilities and work beyond their existing benchmarks. Students who play a sport or game at the Intermediate and Advanced levels are often in school teams. They receive specialised coaching and participate in Intra and Inter-School matches. Shikshantar has two teams each for most games. These include football, cricket, basketball, badminton, table tennis, gymnastics and cycling. Students from Middle and Senior School have played matches with several schools in Delhi NCR.
In the last two years, several of our teams have won awards in individual and group events.
Parameters for evaluation in sports include strength, endurance, stamina, flexibility and game specific skills.