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Curricular Practices

The curricular practices of Middle and Senior School build on the holistic approach of the early years. Linkages to formal work, skill development and academic rigour gain importance. As a school committed to facilitate learner-friendly and experiential education, Shikshantar is also committed to enable a high level of academic rigour in all its classes from primary and middle to senior secondary. This because we believe in facilitating a viable programme of teaching-learning that enables Shikshantar students to compete with students from other schools and cultures across India and the world.
Theme-based project work is organised for all classes every day till Class VIII. For Classes IX-XII, project work is integrated with subject teaching. Project-based learning enables children to make overt connections between their own sense of enquiry, creation of knowledge and syllabi. Experiential learning includes observation, hands-on-engagement with material, investigation and analysis. It is organised to specifically enrich skills development in languages, mathematics and scientific thinking. Festivals, visual and performing arts and sports are also made more meaningful through project work.