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Visual and performing arts and various literary experiences are considered an effective medium for self-expression and skills development. In Shikshantar, they are woven seamlessly into the school curriculum, ensuring maximum participation and involvement of students.

Visual arts
Students explore various art forms, colours, techniques and media in the scheduled Art Time from Pre-Primary classes to Senior School. Students are introduced to pottery experiences Class VI onwards. They explore clay modelling, coil and wheel pottery. Art forms like carving, weaving, installation, puppet making, tie and dye, animation and photography introduce students to new art forms and skills.
In the senior classes students explore nature study, still-life study, life study, creative composition and applied art including calligraphy, poster design, logo design and cover page design. They eagerly apply their learning in designing posters for school events, creating backdrops and setting up the stage for music and dance performances.
Students are actively involved in creating and integrating art displays during HamaraManch, HamaraMela and Sports Day. Specialised art workshops are organised in the school with a focus on specific art forms for students of Primary School.
Students of senior school are given the exposure of various art forms through participation in workshops and visits to exhibitions. Art experiences are planned thoughtfully for children with special needs.
An Annual Art Portfolio Exposition is organised to provide a platform for art students enrolled for ICSE and ISC examinations to showcase their work for peers and parents. For the younger students, it is a source of inspiration and serves as an introduction to the ICSE art syllabus. For parents, it is an opportunity to view and appreciate the kind of work that students do in school and are required to do as per the syllabus of ICSE and ISC examinations.

Performing arts
Students explore various forms of music and dance from the early years in Shikshantar. Different classes learn a variety of Hindustani and Western Musical instruments – tabla, sitar, harmonium, guitar and drums, and vocal music. Senior classes have spawned several bands for Western and Indian music.
Music and dance forms from various parts of the Indian subcontinent are part of the curriculum. Students of different classes are introduced to ‘Bharat Natyam’, Odissi, Kathak and Manipuri dances through presentations by facilitators, slide shows and simple step-wise demonstration of postures.
Students organise various festival celebrations at Pre-primary, Primary, Middle and Senior school level where music and dance are an integral part of the programmes. These celebrations are usually conducted by a designated class such that different classes get opportunities to organise festival celebrations on different occasions.
Drama is an integral part of the school curriculum. It is introduced in its most elementary but essential form through role-plays and story dramatisations from Kindergarten onwards. In the annual cultural programme, HamaraManch, drama, music, art and literature are integrated in original ways each year by every class group. As the class levels increase in age, the students of Shikshantar like to get engaged with script writing and development of their drama presentations. For more complex themes, the school engages experienced theatre facilitators who enable children to learn the finer nuances of theatre.
For more extensive experiences with theatre and performing arts, Shikshantar has facilitated students to view performances by various well-known artistes.

Literary experiences
Students are involved in creative writing from primary classes. These are expressions of their thoughts, feelings and discoveries made through literature, themes, project work and engagement with the arts. Writing skills are enhanced in senior classes through focussed project work.
Students of senior classes participate in debate competitions (Hindi and English) and creative writing competitions, at both Intra and Inter-School levels.

Involvement and participation in MUN activities
Senior School students participate in Model United Nations (MUN)- a simulation of UN proceedings.Students participate as delegates of various nations in different UN committees providing students a platform to debate real life issues. To initiate students into MUNs, the Student Council Literary Committee carries out an orientation session at the beginning of class IX. These sessions are planned and facilitated by the senior students themselves. Students, once thorough with the procedures of debating, participate in shik’MUN, the Shikshantar MUN. As students hone their analytical, debating and oratorical skills, they are also provided opportunities to participate in Inter-School MUNs.

Involvement of the students’ council
Student Council provides an opportunity for students of senior school to visualise, conceptualise, facilitate and participate in a range of creative activities. Its various committees take the lead in organising debates, MUN activities and other school events. Committee members facilitate an orientation session for middle school students prior to the event. Active involvement of students in the facilitation of the events ensures enthusiastic participation of junior students as well.
Literary Committee plans and facilitates a variety of literary experiences. This includes conceptualising and actualisingThe Circle Times- our e-newsletter, Footprints- our school magazine, shik’MUN- the Shikshantar MUN and various other literary events throughout the year.
IT Committee is actively involved in developing and facilitating Robotics Programme and other technology related events in school.
Sports Committee works towards organising the annual athletics meet and the Sports Day. The committee also organises Intra-School matches and processes participation in Inter-School events.
Visual and Performing Arts Committee provides cultural exposure by organising music concerts and dance performances. The committee provides inputs for the annual school events like HamaraManchand Art Expositions.
School Trip and Environment Committee plans field excursions and awareness programmes for students. It also organisessensitisationprogrammes like Tree Plantation, Tree Adoption and vegetable farming in school.

‘Circle times’, an e-newsletter for the Shikshantar community, is facilitated by the Literary Committee and the Student Council. Students have been involved with the layout, articles, photographs, drawings and in determining the name of the newsletter.