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Team Members


Anita Nair

Anita Nair is Head of Middle & Senior School. Anita Nair’s first passion is teaching, having had the fortune of been mentored by teachers who went much beyond their immediate responsibility of teaching. They prepared her for life by building her self-esteem, enhancing her confidence, and arming her with a strong and sound character. Once she was done with her studies, her mother told her that teaching was one of the noblest professions one can pursue…a profession that directly engages one with children and their lives. It is with this conviction that she took up this profession and there is no looking back.

After years of experience as a teacher in Army Public school, the move to Shikshantar was a huge shift. In her first interaction with Minoti didi and Sunil bhaiya, she was awed to know that there is a school where children love to come everyday…where Biology classes happens right amidst flora and fauna…where children ask questions without any inhibitions…

In Shikshantar she was entrusted with assignments that the school pursues for bringing forth the best in students and in addressing the issues that hinder their wholesome development.

While teaching students about the great mysteries that the human spirit of enquiry has unravelled, a teacher must hail the human beings who worked for it and highlight the travails they went through and the mettle that they displayed. As a teacher, she tried to connect to her students-their strengths, weaknesses, aspirations, and fears-so that she could help them overcome their limitations and excel in what they are good at.

Apart from curiosity, she had immense respect for knowledge and knowledgeable persons. Her learning repository always has room for more. Learning perhaps, happens spontaneously if the curiosity to learn is fostered. As a teacher, she always tried to endow her students with this attribute, so that the quest for knowledge becomes part of their lives.


Garima Sinha

Gaima Sinha is the Curriculum Coordinator for Class IX to XII. With a B.Tech. in Electronics, she worked in the field of Automobile Electronics for six years. Following a sabbatical of four years which she spent in exploring the world all over again as a child, with her own child, she entered the field of education. She joined Shikshantar in 2006, first as a parent and then as a facilitator. What had begun as an experiment, soon transformed into a life-long commitment, after just a year of involvement with children.

She reminiscences how as a child, perhaps even today, the words she used most often were why and how. This has enabled her to have an immediate connect with the beliefs and practices followed in Shikshantar.

Over the years she has been a Group Facilitator and has explored Physics and Mathematics with Primary, Middle and Senior School students. She feels her biggest learning so far can be best expressed in Prof. Walter Lewin’s words, “What counts is not what you cover, but what you uncover.”


Shruti Jain

Shruti Jain is the curriculum coordinator for Classes V – VIII.

Shruti Jain has an extensive experience in teaching history in prestigious schools of Delhi and Gurgaon. A post graduate in History from Delhi University and Masters in Business Economics from Annamalai University, she has also done B.Ed from Indraprastha University, Delhi.

Shruti Jain enjoys learning anything and everything. It was this desire to learn that inspired her to take up teaching as her career. It is here that she can quench her thirst for learning by interacting with young blood.

She is passionate about History. She enjoys it to the optimum and strongly believes that History can make children more aware of verifying what they are told. This research, a sense of enquiry and ability to express are skills that she hopes to impart as a history teacher.

A historian to the core, Shruti Jain envisages a need to pass on unbiased versions of history to the next generation. She believes, “The past can be used for almost anything you want to do in the present. We abuse it when we create lies about the past or write histories that show only one perspective.”