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Arts are an integral part of the Shikshantar curriculum and culture. All children explore the arts in multiple disciplines- Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Literary Experiences

Visual Arts
Whether they are dipping their little fingers in paints or in the sand, the little children in Shikshantar express. They tell stories… about their friends, toys, pets and family. Art opens windows into the world of children and that is where the connection begins.
Children explore various mediums and techniques through the years in Shikshantar, opening up diverse channels of self expression. Art experiences in Shikshantar range from dripping paints, sand art, recycling, printing, clay modelling and water colours to paper sculpture, pottery, life study, animation, photography and more!
Students of senior classes study art as core and optional subjects. The art curriculum of ICSE and ISC includes nature study, still life study, original creative composition, life study and applied art. An annual Art Portfolio Exposition is held to showcase the work of these students.
Each and every event in the school becomes an aesthetic experience through displays, posters, installations and backdrops that are original works by children.

Performing Arts
Performing arts include music, dance, drama and an integration of all three.
Music is instilled in the very being of Shikshantar children from the pre-primary level.
Music is heard in the classrooms and corridors of Shikshantar. The children spontaneously break into songs while doing their artwork or bond in little groups with guitars strumming!
Explorations in project work with creation of musical instruments in primary school lead up to spontaneous improvisations on buckets and pans, and later, in the understanding of concepts in Physics.

Literary Experiences
Verbal and written articulation that is creative, original and of a high standard comes naturally to children of Shikshantar.
Writing emerges in Shikshantar from the stories children hear, create, enact and undertake as project work. Literary experiences in Shikshantar begin with sharing stories about their artwork in the early years, writing simple stories and poems on themes, and evolve to descriptive and analytical writing forms. Debates, creative writing competitions and participation in the Model United Nations (MUN) come naturally to many of our students from middle and senior classes.
Not surprisingly, in the early years of participation in inter-school events, Shikshantar students from senior classes have returned with awards and accolades that recognise their creativity, thoughtfulness and oratorial skills.